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Custom flower girl basket
Posted by Jo on September 10, 2011

Use pom poms to add a finishing touch to a custom flower girl basket.

Unique wedding centerpiece
Posted by Jo on August 16, 2011

Create a unique wedding centerpiece that’s an alternative to using flowers on your tables.

Paint chip bridal shower invitation
Posted by Jo on August 3, 2011

Transform paint chips into the perfect invitation for a home improvement-themed bridal shower.

Wedding program holder
Posted by Jo on May 18, 2011

Sew a simple pouch to hold your wedding programs at a rustic, outdoor wedding.

Easy DIY wedding invitations
Posted by Chica on April 25, 2011

Make your own wedding invitations with a design that’s easy, affordable, and elegant!

Wedding planner book
Posted by Jo on September 29, 2010

Organize your wedding planning with a DIY wedding planner, including tons of free downloadable templates and checklists.

Sports-themed wedding ideas
Posted by Chica on August 11, 2010

Get some ideas for a sports-themed wedding, including a sketch of a bride and groom playing sports. Feel free to use it as a logo for your wedding design!

Wedding program template
Posted by Chica on May 24, 2010

Use our free wedding program template to create your programs, then decorate them to match your style with a simple punch and decorative paper.

Drying roses with silica gel
Posted by Chica on March 8, 2010

Use silica gel to quickly dry your special roses or other flowers. It’s easy to do and your colors will stay truer than regular air-drying.

Make favor boxes for weddings and more
Posted by Chica on October 1, 2009

Learn how to make cute favor boxes for any occasion out of printed cardstock and using our handy downloadable template.

Ideas for a baseball-themed wedding reception
Posted by Chica on August 26, 2009

Get ideas for a baseball-themed wedding receptions, including a clever guest book, a fun logo, and cake ideas.

Candlelight luminaria centerpieces for your wedding
Posted by Chica on July 29, 2009

Turn simple frames into an elegant candle-lit luminaria centerpiece for your wedding, and personalize it with the bride and groom’s name and photo.

Create a photo guest book for your wedding
Posted by Chica on June 2, 2009

Make a photo guest book for your wedding that you’ll love to flip through for years to come. Store guest photos and their sentiments together in an album for a great keepsake.

LifeSavers candy party favors
Posted by Chica on May 19, 2009

Wrap rolls of LifeSavers candy in bright paper and ribbon to make the perfect little party favor or unique Thank You card.

Photo sharing after a wedding or big event
Posted by Chica on March 5, 2009

Use our fun, camera-shaped boxes to display photo reminder cards at your wedding or big event. A great alternative to disposable cameras, these cards make it easy to ask guests to share their photos with you.

Wedding DJ worksheet and checklist
Posted by Chica on July 30, 2008

Be sure the music as your reception goes exactly as planned by communicating well with the DJ. Download and fill out our free Wedding DJ Checklist to make sure you and your DJ and on the same page.

Wedding photographer worksheet and checklist
Posted by Chica on July 8, 2008

Help your wedding photographer on the Big Day by providing a helpful checklist of photographs to take, people to include, and your preferences on photo styles. Download our free, customizable worksheet, fill it out, and give it to your photographer.

Make a modern and crafty wedding program booklet
Posted by Chica on June 18, 2008

Make a multi-page wedding program that’s tied in a bow. This sleek and elegant design can be customized to suit any wedding theme and has a graceful vellum cover on the top. Includes a free downloadable and customizable template.

Ribbons and bells make the perfect wedding send-off
Posted by Chica on April 28, 2008

Avoid over-used and cliche wedding send-offs like rose petals, bubbles, and birdseed with a fun new idea – colorful ribbons and tiny bells to be waved overhead. Leave your wedding with a flourish!

Protect your cake at an outdoor wedding reception
Posted by Chica on April 24, 2008

Protect your wedding cake from bugs and leaves at an outdoor reception by covering it in a delicate netting adorned with tiny ribbons. An elegant and practical solution!

Hotel baskets for out-of-town guests
Posted by Jo on April 17, 2008

Welcome your out-of-town guests who are staying in a hotel with a basket full of treats and necessities to make their stay more enjoyable.

Make your own wedding veil
Posted by Chica on April 8, 2008

Save hundreds of dollars by making your own wedding veil, using our easy instructions.

Throw a unique bridal shower focusing on a fun activity
Posted by Chica on April 2, 2008

Throw a unique bridal shower by focusing on a fun activity. Get lots of ideas and tips for selecting a theme and pulling it off without a hitch.

Fall and book themed bridal shower
Posted by Jo on March 28, 2008

Get lots of tips and ideas for throwing a fall-themed bridal shower.

Hosting a cooking themed bridal shower for the foodie bride
Posted by Jo on March 20, 2008

Throw a cooking-themed bridal shower for a foodie bride. Read our tips for games, favors, and invitations, and more!

Wedding reception guest baskets for the bathroom
Posted by Jo on February 21, 2008

Make the guests at your wedding reception comfortable and at ease by equipping the bathrooms with a basket full of amenities and toiletries that may help them out of an emergency.

Free tri-fold wedding program template
Posted by Jo on January 25, 2008

Download our free customizable template for making a tri-fold wedding program.

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