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Back-to-school organizer for keepsakes
Posted by Jo on August 1, 2013

Organize all of your kids’ keepsakes from Kindergarten through high school with a scrapbook tote.

Cork memo boards from coasters
Posted by Jo on April 28, 2013

Turn inexpensive cork coasters into personalized memo boards.

Dinosaur chalkboard paint pails
Posted by Jo on October 28, 2011

Use chalkboard paint to add fun and functional designs on paint cans, making reusable gift packaging that’s a gift in itself.

Beach sand collection
Posted by Chica on September 1, 2011

Display your beach sand collection in a sleek and modern fashion with tiny, clear containers in a frame.

Holder for straws
Posted by Jo on July 5, 2011

Carry straws with you everywhere with our idea for a simple container that keeps them neat and clean.

Gum bottle turned craft organizer
Posted by Chica on June 1, 2011

See how to recycle an empty cupholder-style gum bottle into a craft organizer

Second Aid Kit
Posted by Chica on May 16, 2011

Be prepared for a non-emergency needs with a Second Aid Kit full of essential items for everyday situations.

Disney trading pin display
Posted by Jo on February 24, 2011

Create a colorful cork board to display your Disney trading pins once you return home from a visit with Mickey Mouse!

Organize your photos
Posted by Jo on February 16, 2011

Get a few tips for organizing and scrapbooking a huge pile of photographs that seems out of control.

Stuffed animal storage
Posted by Jo on January 4, 2011

Get a few suggestions for wrangling the herd of stuffed animals in your home.

Managing the mess on Christmas morning
Posted by Chica on December 22, 2010

Manage the piles of trash on Christmas morning with a large, wrapped box that adds to the atmosphere and keeps things clean at the same time.

Penguin coat rack for kids
Posted by Chica on December 20, 2010

Make it fun for your kids to put away their winter coats and hats with a playful penguin rack that will hold it all.

Organizing craft supplies
Posted by Jo on August 20, 2010

Repurpose a bread box as a handy way to store and hide frequently-used crafting supplies.

Organize and hide your TV cords
Posted by Chica on February 23, 2010

Learn how to corral those crazy cords from your television and audio/video equipment by hiding them in a decorative box.

Track and organize your car maintenance records
Posted by Chica on June 16, 2009

Download our template and create a handy set of vehicle maintenance records for your car. Store them in a checkbook cover to keep them organized and neat.

Use scrapbook paper organizers in the kitchen
Posted by Jo on June 15, 2009

Use 12×12 scrapbook paper vertical organizers for more than just paper. A few ideas for how to use them to organize your kitchen.

Make a trash bag for the car
Posted by Chica on May 14, 2009

Learn how to make a cute trash bag for the car that’s easy to use, easy to empty, and easy to clean.

Make your own customized picture note pads
Posted by Jo on May 4, 2009

Make customized notepads with our simple, downloadable template. Great to give as a gift or to keep for yourself!

Recycle a phone book into a pen organizer
Posted by Chica on February 24, 2009

Recycle an unneeded phone book into a quirky pen and pencil holder that will be a real conversation piece on your desk

Use color-coded gift wrap this Christmas
Posted by Chica on December 11, 2008

Make it easy to find presents under the Christmas tree by color coding the gift wrap to suit the recipients.

Make your own custom notepads
Posted by Chica on October 22, 2008

Learn to make your own custom notepads out of any paper and a special type of glue.

Rummage and garage sale tips
Posted by Jo on September 29, 2008

Get some tips for hosting a rummage or garage sale to raise money for a cause.

Organize tissue paper for wrapping
Posted by Jo on August 4, 2008

Use a slacks hanger to store and organize your various colors of tissue paper. Your tissue paper will remain neat and clean and easy to access.

Wedding DJ worksheet and checklist
Posted by Chica on July 30, 2008

Be sure the music as your reception goes exactly as planned by communicating well with the DJ. Download and fill out our free Wedding DJ Checklist to make sure you and your DJ and on the same page.

Downloadable babysitter’s information guide
Posted by Jo on July 23, 2008

Make life easier on you and the babysitter and be prepared for anything by downloading our handy Babysitter’s Guide to post on your fridge.

Wedding photographer worksheet and checklist
Posted by Chica on July 8, 2008

Help your wedding photographer on the Big Day by providing a helpful checklist of photographs to take, people to include, and your preferences on photo styles. Download our free, customizable worksheet, fill it out, and give it to your photographer.

Keeping foil and plastic wrap in check
Posted by Chica on June 16, 2008

Keep your aluminum foil and other kitchen wraps in line by using the little lock tab on the ends that hold the tube in place. So easy!

Organizing scrapbook mementos
Posted by Chica on February 28, 2008

Organize and sort all your photos, scraps, and journaling for a large trip or event scrapbook ahead of time, saving you lots of effort in the future and making it so much easier to work on the book when time permits.

Using over-the-door shoe holders to organize a bathroom closet
Posted by Jo on February 5, 2008

Use an over-the-door shoe holder on the inside of a bathroom door to organize all your toiletries and keep the bathroom uncluttered.

Make a pot rack from a garden trellis
Posted by Jo on January 12, 2008

Transform an ordinary garden trellis into a beautiful and unique wall-mounted pot rack.

Organizing winter accessories
Posted by Jo on January 4, 2008

Keep your winter gloves, scarves, and hats tidy and under control with the help of a hanging shoe organizer in your coat closet.

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