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Gift ideas
Christmas cookie gift container
Posted by Jo on December 3, 2014

“Eat More Cookies” is a great motto for life. Stencil it onto a wooden gift box for a cookie exchange.

Grinch favor bags
Posted by Chica on November 1, 2014

Transform ordinary green paper bags into devilishly smug Grinch favor bags, perfect for your Grinch Grab or Grinch-themed Christmas party.

Mason jar storage for s’mores
Posted by Jo on October 28, 2013

Store and serve your s’mores fixings in Mason jars stored in a cute wooden crate.

Hand-stamped flour sack dish towels
Posted by Jo on May 22, 2013

Make custom dish towels by adding designs with fabric paint and rubber stamps.

Valentine’s Day heart shaped candy
Posted by Chica on January 16, 2013

Create hard candy hearts and package them with a sweet message for Valentine’s Day.

Monogrammed matchstick holders
Posted by Jo on January 1, 2013

Transform simple, corked jars into personalized matchstick holders.

Reusable chalkboard gift boxes
Posted by Jo on November 25, 2012

Turn old boxes and containers into fun, reusable gift boxes with paint and chalkboard coating.

Update mismatched Christmas tins
Posted by Jo on October 9, 2012

Revive mismatched Christmas tins with a bit of paint and dimensional decor.

Instagram mini canvases
Posted by Jo on May 19, 2012

Use mini canvases and easels to showcase your favorite Instagram photos.

Make an iPad cover
Posted by Chica on March 3, 2012

Make a custom iPad cover that protects your device and serves as a stand for easy viewing.

St. Patrick’s Day Hershey’s Kisses
Posted by Chica on February 26, 2012

Create customize Hershey’s Kisses for St. Patrick’s Day for a fun favor or gift.

iPhone App memory game
Posted by Jo on February 19, 2012

Use iPhone app icons as the inspiration for a great memory game!

Dinosaur chalkboard paint pails
Posted by Jo on October 28, 2011

Use chalkboard paint to add fun and functional designs on paint cans, making reusable gift packaging that’s a gift in itself.

Baby memory box
Posted by Jo on August 25, 2011

Store mementos that won’t fit into a traditional scrapbook in a custom book-shaped box.

Custom canvas art
Posted by Chica on July 15, 2011

Create your own custom canvas photo art with the easy JetMaster framing system.

Personalized earring gift box
Posted by Chica on June 13, 2011

Create a personalized earring gift box from a recycled cheese container.

Make a family tree with Sure Cuts a Lot
Posted by Jo on May 4, 2011

Make a custom family tree with die cuts and mount it on canvas to hang on your wall.

Fabric silhouette art for Mother’s Day
Posted by Chica on May 2, 2011

Use colorful fabrics to create a silhouette of the kids for a touching Mother’s Day gift.

Personalized tote bag
Posted by Chica on April 11, 2011

Personalize an ordinary canvas tote with cross stitch designs and ribbon using a quick, no-sew technique.

Plantable flower basket
Posted by Chica on March 28, 2011

Recycle an empty oatmeal can into a plantable flower basket that makes a charming gift for Easter, Mother’s Day, or any occasion!

Jar of hearts for Valentine’s Day
Posted by Jo on January 24, 2011

Create a fun Valentine with a small jar and some wooden hearts.

Postage stamp holder
Posted by Chica on December 10, 2010

Sew a simple pouch to hold postage stamps that’s not only handy for yourself, but also makes a perfect quick gift for someone who has everything.

Christmas coal bag
Posted by Chica on December 8, 2010

Make a quick burlap coal bag and fill it with black candy for a fun Christmas gift for the naughty person on your list.

12 Days of Christmas folding photo cube
Posted by Chica on December 2, 2010

Use our folding photo cube tutorial and our new downloadable images to create your own folding cube that celebrates the 12 Days of Christmas.

Microwave baked potato pouch
Posted by Chica on September 28, 2010

Sew simple cotton pouches to make the best microwaved baked potatoes ever.

Cast resin poker chip bowl
Posted by Chica on August 23, 2010

Create a unique gift for a poker lover by using casting resin to make a bowl with embedded poker chips, cards and dice.

Butterbeer recipe
Posted by Jo on August 12, 2010

Recreate the Butterbeer found at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal with a few simple ingredients. Then take it over the top by serving it in your own custom-made Butterbeer mug!

Make copper wind chimes
Posted by Chica on August 9, 2010

Make your own custom wind chimes out of copper pipe and enjoy the glorious sounds in the breeze on your porch.

Gift card pillow box template
Posted by Jo on May 6, 2010

Download our template to make custom pillow boxes for gift cards and small gifts.

Vanilla sugar cubes for coffee
Posted by Chica on May 5, 2010

Make vanilla sugar treats for flavoring your coffee. Put them in a pretty sugar bowl and they make a perfect gift for a coffee-loving mom on Mother’s Day.

Cast resin cookie tray keepsake
Posted by Jo on May 4, 2010

Make a special and memorable gift using keepsakes, casting resin, and an acrylic tray.

Computer keyboard tissue box
Posted by Jo on April 20, 2010

Make tissues for for the computer geek in your life by using old computer keys to decorate a tissue box with clever phrases.

Gin Rummy score sheet
Posted by Chica on April 5, 2010

Use our downloadable template and simple padding technique to make Gin Rummy score sheet pads.

CD case gift card holder
Posted by Chica on February 15, 2010

Turn an old CD jewel case into a holder for an iTunes gift card. This clever package makes a boring gift card actually fun to give!

Fused plastic sandwich wraps
Posted by Chica on February 1, 2010

Save plastic from the landfill by using old shopping bags to create fused plastic linings for reusable sandwich wrappers. Then personalize them with cute phrases!

Personalize gifts with photo tags
Posted by Chica on December 14, 2009

Make quick photo tags for your Christmas gifts this year and delight all your family members on Christmas morning!

Santa’s velvet drawstring pouch
Posted by Chica on December 10, 2009

Learn how to make mini velvet Santa bags that are trimmed with fur and ready to be stuffed with goodies.

Chocolate-filled cookie cutters
Posted by Jo on December 7, 2009

Make chocolate-filled cookie cutters for an inexpensive and easy homemade gift.

Make a custom Kindle cover
Posted by Chica on September 3, 2009

Learn how to make a custom cover for your Kindle to protect it, while allowing it to be hand-held or propped up on a table. Use any patterned fabric you like to make it truly yours.

How to sew a button-closure pouch
Posted by Chica on August 10, 2009

Learn how to sew a cute buttoned pouch with almost limitless uses.

Track and organize your car maintenance records
Posted by Chica on June 16, 2009

Download our template and create a handy set of vehicle maintenance records for your car. Store them in a checkbook cover to keep them organized and neat.

LifeSavers candy party favors
Posted by Chica on May 19, 2009

Wrap rolls of LifeSavers candy in bright paper and ribbon to make the perfect little party favor or unique Thank You card.

Make your own customized picture note pads
Posted by Jo on May 4, 2009

Make customized notepads with our simple, downloadable template. Great to give as a gift or to keep for yourself!

Decorate a gift package with a giant name
Posted by Chica on March 2, 2009

Decorate an ordinary gift with giant letters spelling the recipient’s name. This is a great idea for gifts for young kids who are just learning to recognize their own name, and will love it!

New glossy finish for our folding photo cubes
Posted by Chica on February 5, 2009

Learn to create a glossy finish on our folding photo cubes, to make them look nicer and last longer.

Make your own traditional English Christmas crackers
Posted by Chica on November 19, 2008

Celebrate Christmas or other occasions by making your own traditional English party crackers. Filled with goodies, these fun favors will really make your party “pop”!

Make your own mulling spices
Posted by Chica on October 30, 2008

Enjoy the cooler weather with hot spiced cider, or make batches of mulling spices for gifts this winter. Our recipe worksheet and tag template make it easy!

Make your own custom notepads
Posted by Chica on October 22, 2008

Learn to make your own custom notepads out of any paper and a special type of glue.

Recycle a leotard into a new dance tote bag
Posted by Chica on October 20, 2008

Learn how to convert an old dance leotard that your daughter has outgrown into a new tote bag to carry her dance gear to class.

Homemade peanut butter dog biscuits
Posted by Chica on September 8, 2008

Learn to make homemade peanut butter dog biscuits that your dog is sure to love.

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