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Pine tree air freshener Christmas wreath
Posted by Chica on December 21, 2012

Create a unique Christmas wreath from classic pine tree air fresheners.

Gingerbread house trees
Posted by Jo on December 20, 2012

Create candy Christmas trees to go with your gingerbread house or to use as place cards on the table.

“Just Moved” Christmas card with Santa’s GPS
Posted by Chica on December 5, 2012

Let your friends know your new address with a quirky postcard featuring Santa and his GPS.

Chocolate-covered strawberry Christmas tree lights
Posted by Chica on November 18, 2012

Decorate chocolate-covered strawberries to look like classic Christmas tree lights for a fun and tasty Christmas treat

Update mismatched Christmas tins
Posted by Jo on October 9, 2012

Revive mismatched Christmas tins with a bit of paint and dimensional decor.

Packing tape Christmas stocking
Posted by Chica on September 12, 2012

Use decorative packing tape and fused plastic to create an ultra-modern Christmas stocking.

Christmas card art
Posted by Jo on August 25, 2012

Create custom frames for your favorite Christmas cards to use them as art.

QR code Christmas card
Posted by Chica on December 8, 2011

Embed a QR code into your Christmas cards and share digital media with your family and friends.

Candy cane cake
Posted by Chica on December 3, 2011

Celebrate the season with a cake filled with candy cane buttercream and decorated with frosting ribbons.

Lottery ticket Advent calendar
Posted by Chica on November 23, 2011

Create a unique Advent calendar that’s filled with lottery tickets to make the countdown to Christmas extra fun for adults and kids alike.

Advent calendar ideas
Posted by Jo on November 22, 2011

Get inspired by our round-up of past Advent calendar ideas.

Managing the mess on Christmas morning
Posted by Chica on December 22, 2010

Manage the piles of trash on Christmas morning with a large, wrapped box that adds to the atmosphere and keeps things clean at the same time.

Christmas crafts with colored duct tape
Posted by Chica on December 16, 2010

Use colored duct tape to decorate a traditional Christmas wreath and decorative trees.

Cookie swap albums
Posted by Jo on December 15, 2010

Delight guests at your cookie swap with take-home recipe albums made with simple scrapbooking supplies and a Unibind book creator.

Sequin snowman ornament
Posted by Chica on December 14, 2010

Create a fun snowman ornament for your Christmas tree out of shiny sequins.

Christmas popcorn treat bags
Posted by Jo on December 12, 2010

Download our Christmas bag tags to create decorative labels for the special treats at your next Christmas party.

Postage stamp holder
Posted by Chica on December 10, 2010

Sew a simple pouch to hold postage stamps that’s not only handy for yourself, but also makes a perfect quick gift for someone who has everything.

Fur trimmed Christmas boxes
Posted by Jo on December 9, 2010

Add some fur trim to your Christmas wrapping boxes to make them look as festive as Santa himself!

Christmas coal bag
Posted by Chica on December 8, 2010

Make a quick burlap coal bag and fill it with black candy for a fun Christmas gift for the naughty person on your list.

Gingerbread house party
Posted by Jo on December 6, 2010

Get some tips for hosting a gingerbread house making party.

Hardware store greeting cards
Posted by Chica on December 6, 2010

Make extraordinary greeting cards with ordinary items from the hardware store.

12 Days of Christmas folding photo cube
Posted by Chica on December 2, 2010

Use our folding photo cube tutorial and our new downloadable images to create your own folding cube that celebrates the 12 Days of Christmas.

How to make a mesh ribbon wreath
Posted by Chica on November 30, 2010

Make a unique Christmas wreath in just a few minutes with extra-wide mesh ribbon.

Charlie Brown Christmas garland
Posted by Jo on November 29, 2010

Use Charlie Brown Christmas stamps to make a fun garland to hang on a tree or across a doorway.

Winter mantel or table decoration
Posted by Jo on November 15, 2010

Create a mantel or table decoration inspired by w winter forest with a few inexpensive supplies.

Grinch Advent calendar
Posted by Jo on November 10, 2010

Use an over-the-door shoe organizer to create a unique Grinch Advent calendar.

Candy cane syrup
Posted by Chica on January 6, 2010

Learn how to turn leftover candy canes into a delightful syrup that’s a treat when drizzled over ice cream or mixed into hot chocolate.

Reindeer cork ornaments
Posted by Chica on December 18, 2009

Turn an old cork into a festive reindeer Christmas ornament with just a few simple craft supplies.

Triple chocolate candy cane cookies
Posted by Chica on December 16, 2009

Celebrate the season and indulge in a treat with our recipe for triple-chocolate cookies topped with crushed candy canes.

Ribbon pine cone shaped ornaments
Posted by Jo on December 15, 2009

Use ribbon and pins to make unique pine cone ornaments to hang on your tree.

Personalize gifts with photo tags
Posted by Chica on December 14, 2009

Make quick photo tags for your Christmas gifts this year and delight all your family members on Christmas morning!

Santa’s velvet drawstring pouch
Posted by Chica on December 10, 2009

Learn how to make mini velvet Santa bags that are trimmed with fur and ready to be stuffed with goodies.

Felt snowman wall hanging
Posted by Jo on December 9, 2009

Have fun making a snowman wall hanging out of felt with interchangeable pieces!

Play Santa with Naughty and Nice tickets
Posted by Chica on December 8, 2009

Remind people that Santa is watching with these cute little Naughty and Nice tickets.

Chocolate-filled cookie cutters
Posted by Jo on December 7, 2009

Make chocolate-filled cookie cutters for an inexpensive and easy homemade gift.

Christmas postcards from recycled gift boxes
Posted by Chica on December 4, 2009

Save money this Christmas by recycling old gift boxes into festive Christmas postcards

Marshmallow snowman treats
Posted by Jo on December 3, 2009

Use marshmallows and twisty straws to make chocolate-covered snowmen treats.

Gingerbread house cookie invitations
Posted by Jo on December 1, 2009

Bake up some Christmas party invitations that look like gingerbread houses.

Cookie Swap party invitation
Posted by Chica on November 30, 2009

Use our cute cookie-shaped invitation to get friends together for a holiday cookie swap.

Christmas Advent calendar clothespin wreath
Posted by Jo on November 27, 2009

Make a simple Christmas Advent wreath out of clothespins.

Cupcake Collars for Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa
Posted by Jo on November 25, 2009

Dress up your holiday cupcakes with our new Cupcake Collars for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa and join us in our excitement over the new site!

Recycle your Christmas cards
Posted by Jo on January 6, 2009

Recycle the Christmas cards you receive using these 10 different ideas. Learn how to make scrapbooks and bookmarks and get ideas for donating them.

Create a Christmas keepsake with kid handprints
Posted by Jo on December 16, 2008

Paint your child’s hand to create a Santa keepsake image for years to come!

Use color-coded gift wrap this Christmas
Posted by Chica on December 11, 2008

Make it easy to find presents under the Christmas tree by color coding the gift wrap to suit the recipients.

Quick Tip:  Use gift tags as name tags
Posted by Jo on December 10, 2008

Use pretty, self-adhesive gift tags instead of normal name tags to help identify guests at a large party.

How to make your own bows
Posted by Chica on December 9, 2008

Learn to make your own bows out of ribbon. This simple technique works great for gift wrap, baskets, and decorations for Christmas or any other occasion.

Tips for hosting a holiday cookie swap party
Posted by Guest on December 3, 2008

Get lots of tips for hosting your own cookie swap party this Christmas.

Traditional Christmas candy recipes
Posted by Jo on December 2, 2008

Try our recipes for classic holiday candy-making that include: fondant candy, fudge, cream pull candy, caramels and English toffee.

Make an advent calendar house from polymer clay
Posted by Chica on December 1, 2008

Use polymer clay to create an advent calendar house. Start with an empty house on Day 1 and add a new piece to it every day until Christmas, and you’ll end up with a beautifully decorated house.

Handmade Christmas cards with a removable ornament
Posted by Chica on November 25, 2008

Make fun and easy Christmas cards that have a removable ornament to be hung on the tree. With minimal waste and maximum re-usability, these cards are rather “green”!

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