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Refurbish a flea market dresser for a tween

by: Jo

Refurbish a flea market dresser for a tween
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Little Jo’s dresser turned out to be a model affected by the big IKEA dresser recall, so we returned it to the store a couple of weeks ago. We intended to buy another one from IKEA but I wanted white to go in her room and they didn’t have one the correct size and color. We hit the flea market and searched to no avail. But then some dear friends came to our dresser rescue by finding this beauty in great shape at an even better price.

Dresser Before 1

It was the perfect size but not the right color. No matter! I have paint and I have my trusty paint sprayer. But first, I sanded. I don’t normally sand because, frankly, I don’t like to. However, this piece had a finish on it, it was old, it had some grime, and I had never used the Satin Enamels paint before, so I decided to sand first.

Sanding Dresser

Once sanded, I loaded my HomeRight sprayer up with some white Satin Enamels paint and got to it. The first couple of coats went on great, but then I had problems. I am not sure if it was the overwhelming humidity or the paint or something else, but it started to have a weird, spitting problem. The dresser was covered nicely though, so I just brought it inside and applied the last coat with a brush rather than the sprayer.

Paint Sprayer

I wanted to do something fun on the insets on each side so I decided to add some cork panels so that Little Jo could hang up her mementos. McGeeky helped me out with this part and it was much easier with two people holding, measuring, etc.

Dresser Before

I used hot glue to affix the corn to the side of the dresser, in the inset panel. I ended up adding two layers of the cork to get a thickness so that the pins would hold.

Arrow Dresser Redo 4

I took Little Jo to Hobby Lobby with me where they have a whole aisle devoted to drawer knobs. She picked out these awesome gold arrows. We chose the full arrows for the top drawer and just the fletching for the other drawers. We both love how they look!

Arrow Dresser Redo 2

Arrow Dresser Redo 7

Arrow Dresser Redo 1

Arrow Dresser Redo 5

Flea Market Teen Dresser

Refurbish a flea market dresser for a tween
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    Donna Bush 07/25/2016 at 4:34 pm

    Turned out GREAT!!

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