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Nature scavenger hunt

by: Chica

My husband and I held our annual Fourth of July party this year at a lakeside state park, and we had a fabulous time. We had fun camping, hiking, swimming and boating with 70-80 of our friends, and the s’mores were as spectacular as the fireworks. nature scavenger hunt

Whenever we have these parties, I always like to have a fun game/event for the kids. This year, I led them in a scavenger hunt. The anticipation for the hunt was high the whole day, and they all kept asking me “When is the scavenger hunt?” all afternoon. Fortunately, they enjoyed it as much as everyone hoped they would!

Since we were at a park, I started by making a list of items that the kids could easily find in nature. Some of them were really easy to find, like “5 different kinds of leaves”. Others required a little thought and were open to interpretation, like “something you would find at a bank”. It was pretty fun to put the list together, I have to say.

And because I want you all to be able to easily have your own scavenger hunt, here is my list, in a handy download ready for you to print and use!

nature scavenger hunt Download our free Nature Scavenger Hunt List

I gave each kid a brown paper lunch bag to write his or her name on and to use for collecting their finds. Some of the younger kids paired up with an adult for help. I handed out the lists and they were off!

nature scavenger huntnature scavenger hunt

Oh, it was glorious madness! There were kids running everywhere, and squeals of delight could be heard through the trees as they made their finds. They all knew that there would be a prize for the winner (a Super Soaker water gun) and they all wanted to win. It wasn’t long before I had kids in line in front of me, ready to check in and see who was the first to complete the list. (And I think the adults had just as much fun!)

nature scavenger huntnature scavenger huntnature scavenger hunt

After the winner was checked in and received her prize, the event was far from over. Every kid wanted his or her items checked against the list, and they were all so proud of the things they brought back. I was pretty amazed at some of them, too. I never thought a cheese puff could work as “a piece of litter”, “something curly”, AND “something that floats”!

I couldn’t let such dedication and hard work from all the kids go by without a reward, so I was ready with a pile of Silly Bandz to give to each participant. If you’ve never heard of Silly Bandz or your kids don’t collect them yet, just give it time. All the kids, from ages 3 to 16, were thrilled to win Silly Bandz. They LOVE these things, and they were the perfect prize.

nature scavenger huntnature scavenger hunt

This scavenger hunt was such fun, and I know we’ll be doing it again next year.

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