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Recycle your Christmas cards

by: Jo

After the holidays, I always have a pile of beautiful Christmas cards. I hate to toss them, but just sticking them in a box doesn’t seem to make sense either. So here are a few ideas for reusing Christmas cards in a new and unique way.

Most of these projects are perfect for the kids to do during the time between Christmas and the start of school. My daughter helped me design her new Christmas place mat and older kids could easily complete any of the other projects.

Remember: These ideas can be used for any type of greeting card, not just Christmas!

recycled christmas cards

  1. Make note pads out of them by with our make your own notepad tutorial and the padding compound we sell in our Amazon store.
  2. Use the designs and sayings on the cards as gift tags for next year’s presents by either using the entire front of the card or using a tag-shaped punch to punch out part of the design.
  3. Donate them to your local church or pre-school. The teachers can let the kids cut them out to make collages or ornaments.
  4. Make place mats for the kid table by arranging some on construction paper and then laminating them. This is also a good way to use any drawings that your child might have done this Christmas season. For a personal touch, use your Cricut machine or letter stickers to put each kid’s name on his or her place mat.
  5. I received a beautiful card from our friends in the Netherlands a few years ago. I loved the classic styling of the Santa on the front so much that I had if professionally framed. Now, I enjoy it every year when I bring it out to decorate my wall for the holidays.
  6. Make bookmarks to give along with a book next year. Simply cut out a long and narrow rectangle from the front of your card, round off the corners, punch a hole in the top, and tie a ribbon through it.
  7. My grandmother uses the backs of the front of the card to write her Christmas cookie or candy recipes on to share. When she sends a plate of goodies, she always includes the recipe.
  8. Follow my tutorial on creating a simple scrapbook out of your cards to remember this Christmas.
  9. Speaking of scrapbooking, Christmas cards are a great way to embellish your pages. Use the pictures and sayings to decorate a page. Or, you can even put the card, intact with pictures of the sender on the same page.
  10. Use them as decorative placecards on your table or buffet.
  11. Create small gift boxes.  Follow this tutorial to make small gift boxes with sayings inside.

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