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Organize tissue paper for wrapping

by: Jo

I had this very unwieldy stack of tissue paper sitting on my gift wrapping shelf. Whenever I wanted a piece, I had to get the whole stack down and then fold, unfold, separate and basically excavate the whole mess in order to get the color I wanted and the number of pieces I wanted. Surely, there was a better way to organize my tissue paper than this?!? While I was standing there looking perplexed at the paper mess, my friend walked in the room and almost immediately offered up a workable solution. He said to try using a hanger made for men’s slacks. Ah-ha, that just might work!

Tissue paper holderI found a slack hanger that had the added benefit of being padded so that things would not slide off the bar. The bars swing open and you can easily drape the tissue paper over the arm and then swing it back into place. I organized my entire stack of tissue paper in less than five minutes! I did alternate which side the paper fell down onto when I draped them over just to make it easier to swing the arm open to remove the paper.

Now, I can see all of my tissue paper colors at a glance and it makes it easier to grab the color I want. I am going to get another hanger to handle all of my Christmas-themed tissue paper.

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