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Sharpen your kitchen knives at home

by: Chica

I love to cook, and I have lots of tools that help make cooking easier and more fun. The most essential tools are my knives. My favorite is an 8-inch chef’s knife that I use almost every day, and when I first got it, it was so sharp and cut like a dream. Over time, though, it got dull with use, and I could barely cut a tomato with it. This began my quest to find a way to keep my knives sharp.

I had heard horror stories about all those little hand-held sharpening devices, so I avoided them. I wanted my expensive knives treated with care, so I began searching for a local company that could sharpen them professionally. Unfortunately, the closest place I could find was on the other side of the state, so getting them sharpened meant mailing my knives to them. I did this several times over the last few years, always suffering for a week while I waited for shipping both ways. When they would come back to me, though, they were sharp as could be and I was in love once again.

Then a few months ago I found myself in a conversation with a professional chef and we talked about knives. I asked for recommendations about local sharpening services, and he just laughed and let me in on a secret — sharpening your knives at home is a piece of cake!

The chef took out his sharpening stone, which was a 3-stone system by Norton. He then quickly showed me how easy it was to sharpen my knives by just swiping them across the stone in a careful manner, using the right technique.

I was elated and instantly rushed to find a similar stone for myself (but hopefully at a smaller price). I searched on eBay and found lots of knife sharpeners to choose from. I finally decided on the Norton IM50 and was thrilled to find an auction on eBay for a complete IM50 set that even came with an instructional DVD, and at a very affordable price to boot. I purchased it instantly and eagerly waited for it to arrive.

The first thing I did when my sharpening set arrived was to watch the video. The instructor speaks very clearly and illustrates repeatedly how to sharpen a knife. The kit also came with a training wedge to help me learn how to hold the knife at the correct angle. It was foolproof!

I sharpened my favorite knife in mere minutes and then tested it out. It was razor-sharp and I was thrilled. The training wedge was a fantastic aid in learning how to use it, and the whole process was so easy that I couldn’t believe I’d been paying someone else to do it for me.

To prove to you just how easy it is, I made a video to show you how to sharpen your own knives at home. All you need is a simple sharpening stone and some food-safe sharpening stone oil, and your knives can be sharp again in minutes. There really is no sense in having a good knife unless it’s sharp. And now you can sharpen yours yourself!

If you have trouble viewing the video above, try viewing it here.

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    wolpack1116 04/07/2008 at 9:40 am

    One of the better demos for sharpening. I use the same stone, but make sure the edge is perpendicular to the long direction of the stone. For vegetables and meat w/o bones most knives can handle quite a thin edge. My cheap santoku will sometimes stick to the cutting board from falling through apples and such. Not for everyone, but try some different angles and see if the knife will hold a thinner edge.

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